Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh Holy Sheep

Willow Tree figures come from Hallmark.  They are meaningful in that Nana Joyce, my beloved Mother-in-Law, collected Willow Tree Angels.  She bought me my first.  It sits beside my second WT called "The Boys".  They join my son's first sculpture, of a turtle, and the card from the last bouquet of flowers my husband surprised me with.  They reside on my kitchen windowsill-where she kept hers.

Since the critters consumed my ancient nativity set, I have been on the search for a new one.  I fell in love with one immediately.  Of course, it's from the Willow Tree line from Hallmark.

Even with a generous employee discount from working at Hallmark, the slim holiday budget did not allow for me to buy it for myself.  While making a pre-Christmas visit at Nana's, heart aching from her absence and shoulders tight from the effort to keep from crying, I opened a large box and the tears were loosed.  My father-in-law purchased it for me. 

I immediately set it up in the living room.  Apparently, my four year old felt it needed a little enhancement.  Take a look at the sheep staring adoringly up at Mary and baby Jesus. 

Reminds me, in the midst of sadness, to smile.  To take a minute to giggle and say, "Holy sheep that's funny!"

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