Monday, January 16, 2012

Brotherly Love

I have two beautiful boys.  Four years and two weeks apart, they are as opposite as day and night.

Ian Second Grade Dude
My Ian is cool as a cucumber.  We like to say that he is an an Accountant with the soul of a skater kid.  He's pragmatic, verbal, smart and has an opinion.  When he wants affection, he is all in, folding his skinny, bony self into your lap like a giant red haired origami project. 

Caden Preschool Prince
My Caden is a firecracker-loud and sparkly.  At 9 months he screeched so loud in a Baskin Robbins all the other patrons cleared the place.  In one sense he is the easiest kid.  He nursed successfully 20 minutes after being born and hasn't stopped eating since.  He sleeps well.  He's sweet, kind and loves babies.  He's affectionate and loves with his whole heart, soul and body.  When he hugs you he wraps himself completely around you.  He's also very messy and most days-spends more time in his imagination then reality. 

The two can play beautifully.  Rumbling and tumbling about the house, they are peas in a pod.  Then the storm clouds hit.  Screeching, screaming and additional syllables ("Leave me a-looooooo-n-uh!") peel the paint off the walls.

Today however, I heard an exchange which I will carry in my heart forever.

We were discussing the, "Sleeping In Protocol".  (Sleeping is as defined by anything past 7:00 a.m.)  I had snacks and breakfast shakes poised and ready.  The remote was handy for their toons.  We were set.

"Now, Caden, if you wake up before Brother, please play quietly until he wakes up too!" Shake of the head in affirmation, though Caden regularly tortures his brother by turning on the light the minute his own eyes open. 

"And brudder," Caden says affirmatively, "No kissing my head!"

Ian turns red and hurriedly walks out of the room.   

No kissing my head? I think.  What?

I ask Ian about it.

"When I get up, if he's still asleep, I kiss his head so he doesn't get scared if I leave."

My stoic Ginger haired boy kisses his little brother on the head so he isn't scared.   Now that's brotherly love. 


  1. That's awesome! Both the kiss and the response to it! Love it.

  2. Shut the front door on the most adorable thing I have ever heard.

  3. Hi, I found your blog through Gretchen's tag. That is a gorgeous story and fabulous now that it has been recorded so it will never be forgotten.

    1. Welcome to a new Reader with a Fab-yoolous name! This blog began as a form of therapy and has since morphed into an online journal of mothering and life. Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back again soon.


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