Thursday, June 9, 2011

To Ian Upon His High School Graduation From His First Grade Self

Wow.  Mom said I would get bigger and taller than her, but I didn't know by how much.  Dude, you are amazing!

I am writing this letter to you, from your first grade self, because there are a couple things I want you to remember.  This year has been pretty amazing for me and it set the stage for some of the success you have enjoyed over the years.

First, I became a reader this year.  You might laugh now, but remember when everyone knew what those symbols meant except you?  I told Mom how hard it was when everyone knew the answer but me.  Not anymore.  At the end of first grade I am at or above grade level in reading.  In fact I comprehend (Mom says that's understanding what I read) at a 5th grade level!  It took a couple extra years and some extra help, but we did it!  I don't just read stuff-I consume it.  Often Mom finds me bleary eyed after reading my favorite illustrated novel well past my 8:30 bedtime.  I love her favorite author Ted Dekker's "Circle Trilogy".  I hope you still love to read.  Remember my second favorite? "Captain Underpants".  Oh, yeah.

Second, I figured out how to hit a baseball.  Dad says it's one of the hardest things to do in sports.  I do it lefty which sets me up for success.  I hit it so hard that Mom is afraid to do batting practice with me-she's scared I'm gonna take out her face (I almost have more than once!).   In one season I went from bench warmer to starter.  I know you'll catch better than I do now (especially when Mom throws-she's not so good).

Finally, right now Caden is in bed an hour early for yelling and screaming and tantrums.  He's lying in bed-yelling, screaming and having a ginormous tantrum.  It's hard to be his big brother as he takes my stuff and yells at me and gets in my way.  However, it's fun to play with him and he's a really tough wrestler.  Mom says I am his hero and he is lost without me.  As you graduate and move on to what's next, please remember Caden and the role you play in his life.

You made it all the way to graduation.  Take a minute and think of me, your first grade self, and remember how quickly things can change for the better (like in reading and baseball) or how important you are to your brother.

You are also important to Mom.  You don't know it, but every night she comes into your room, straightens the blankets and tells you how much she loves you.  Sometimes she picks up your laundry or trips on a toy.  And sometimes she prays, a tear in her eye and love in her words.  I know, as you got bigger, she respected your privacy more but know if your feeties never got cold at night and your spirit never grew weak, it was because of her late night prayer visits.

Congratulations and remember me-the shorter and quirkier version of you.

Ian (aka-Ian Bee-yan, EbeeGeeBee, Midget Man, Stinky McStinkerson, Good Guy)


  1. Very sweet. :-) He'll love that!

  2. Totally love your POST IAN, wink wink. IAN you have such a COOL and AWESOME MOM that she would transcribe your heart for you...oh so Blessed by GOD! Congrats on your graduation...Your Sincerely,
    YOUR Body of Christ Auntie CBEE..smooches Blessed ONE!


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