Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Ragged Edge

The Ragged Edge is a writing conference in Franklin Tennessee in August.  And I am going.

This is billed as the antithesis of 'normal' writing conferences.  It has two clear outcomes (from the registration page):

People who attend will leave either:
  • Brimming with enthusiasm, having learned what it takes, in which case your investment will return much.
  • Terrified, having learned that the writing life is not for you, in which case you may wisely never spend another penny on another class or seminar—an even greater reward for your investment.
The writing life.  Is that what I am seeking? 

I told my husband, in the typical wife/bargaining/spend money speech, that I have only written as therapy or to get other people money (part of my consulting business is grant writing).  In essence, I couldn't remember a time when I did ANY-THING that wasn't for someone else.

So I am approaching the ragged edge of actually (finally) embracing my creative side.  I am making it official.  I am a writer.

Whoa.  Why suddenly am I paralyzed from completing even a simply blog entry?  Why am I petrified I am wasting a huge amount of money on something that makes no sense and will only cause hardship down the road?  What if I go and realize I am NOT a writer?  Then what am I? What if...what if...hyperventilate...huff...puff...


Stop the inner critic. 
Look at the smile on my face at FINALLY stepping up to the ragged edge of a writer's life (combined with a Mommy's life, a political life, a ministry life and a wifey life). the background...quietly 'their' 'that' idea...I can't wait to get started.

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