Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Bits O'Kidness

Things I Never Thought I Would Hear or Say As A Mother:

-"Do you want this cracker or are you just going to eat that booger you are digging out?" (BTW the answer was, "Eat da boogie")

-"Mommy, my butt is fresh! It smells like cherries!"

-"Mommy, wet me pick out an elegant shirt for you." (And he did!)

-"These glasses only make me look a wittle bit handsome. I am not enchanted with dese."

-"If you find me more underwear to fold, I will be very pleased with you."

-"Son, please do not sit on the pillow on your brother on the carpet. He can't breathe that way."

-"No, baby, don't eat doggie food. It's for Frank, not babies!"

-"Honey, don't play with Mommy's anti-depressants."

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