Thursday, November 20, 2008

What A Feeling

First, when there's nothing.

But a slow mooooo-vin' dreaaaam.

Cue the smoke. The sparks fly as the welder accurately welds two ginormous pipes together.

In a world made of steel...

Made of stone.

Cue drum beat. What's this? The welder is a gorgeous woman. Not only a hottie, but a driven, ambitious, young dancer.

Unfortunately my welding experience wasn't nearly as cool as Alex's in the movie Flashdance. It's not that easy. It's hard. Really, really hard.

I got dumped from my job. On the last day I decided to do all the things I have never done that my company does...or did. Get it? So that's how I ended up clad in thermo-wear, head squared by a hood, shaking with a gazillion degree torch in my hand. It turns out I am the worst welder in the history of welding. Thank goodness I am a writer instead.

I also drove a multi-million dollar vehicle. Details I have to keep out of the public, suffice it to say, it's fast, it's quiet and it's AWESOME.

These two experiences almost, almost, make up for losing the gig. Almost.

To lose financial security and health insurance all a week before the holidays. What a feeling.

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