Thursday, November 27, 2008

Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

As it is the day to give thanks, here goes.

I am thankful for...

...laundry in piles all over the bedrooms, it means we have something to wear.
...dirty dishes and various plastic containers of leftovers in the kitchen, it means we have something to eat.
...unmade beds, it means we have somewhere to sleep.
...messages on phones, it means we have friends who remember us.
...children alternately annoying and filling my heart, it means they are well and healthy.
...messy crafts, it means I have made another memory with my son.
...paper turkeys adorning the table, it means I had time to cut google eyes out of construction paper.
...web cams, it means my brother can see I still haven't returned to bangs and my 80's hairstyle and how big his nephews have grown.
...fathers, it means I am not an orphan.
...boxer shorts in a pile behind the bathroom door, it means my husband is still here, still messy and still mine.
...this blog, it means I have somewhere to dump my thoughts, just for me and maybe for you.

I have never been at this place before. Unemployed. On the verge of financial crisis. Living with my dad. I should be bereft. I should be riddled with anxiety and incapacitated with worry. I should...I should...I shouldn't feel this grateful. I shouldn't be this thankful. I shouldn't want to spend this day again, so I could live every moment, every hug, every smell, every smile. I shouldn't, but I am.

I am thankful for what is and I am thankful for what will be. For with God nothing is impossible. Right now I am in the land of impossibility. Go God. And....thanks.

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