Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Quick Bits

The following is a pictorial essay offered to fend off the snow madness I am currently experiencing. At least while wearing wool socks 24/7 I can't see how desperately I need a pedi, the dog smell has faded from my woobie and the new pellet stove is wicked warm.

Men in Steeler Snow Gear

In my neck of the frozen tundra, Stiller gear (i.e. Steeler football emblazoned clothing) is oft considered haute couture. However, I didn't realize how handsome men are in cold weather gear. Here's dad and the hubby after freeing us out of the latest snow squall.

All Season Porches

Dad installed a wood pellet stove on the uninsulated back porch. The idea was to create a space for the children to play whilst the adults luxuriate in toy free space in the living room. What has resulted is an all season porch with a pile of toys in one end and a 'man cave' in the other. As Pappy headed to bed tonight, he asked my 6 year old what the one rule was, "No toys in the man cave." As it gets upwards of 85 on the porch, the heat escapes through the uninsulated ceiling creating the most spectacular icicles.

Snow Blower Facial

My son thought it was a good idea to follow my brother around the yard while he snow plowed a track for the dog to go to potty. Yes, we snow plow a track for him. He's a miniature dachshund so when the snow reaches a certain amount he takes his genital life in his paws. Ian followed Michael until he realizes that snow in the face actually hurts after awhile. Hurt is an understatement, snow burns. Hugs and moisturizer were provided.

Snowy Kid Memories

We can only get out for a few short minutes at a time. It's below zero with the wind chill and, frankly, I am a cold wuss. Apparently, so is my little fella. He wasn't pleased to be in the snow. Thankfully, soon his natural cheerful, adventuresome self came out.

Recipe for Snow Cream

Big roasting pan.
Two little guys with mixing spoons.
2 c. milk
1/2 c. sugar
2 t. vanilla
Lotsa snow.

Mix milk and vanilla. Dissolve the sugar fully in the vanilla milk. Trudge outside and fill the pan with snow. Mix and mix some more. Clean up what the baby sloshed all over the floor. Mix and then eat. Surprisingly it is really really good!

Recipe for Snowy Memories

There were weird snowprints leading up to the front door and back. I talked it over with the sitter, and she mentioned the neighbors saw bear. Dad confirmed there is bear in these here parts. A bear. In my front yard. Really? Turns out to really be a large rabbit that lives in the bushes.

My six year old looked out the window watching snowflakes. He commented on how every snowflake was different. We talked about how fun that is and how fun that Father God makes no two people alike either. MLK would be proud.

It's only January, so the winter quick bits we have had will continue. I'm glad. Now, scoot over and make room under the woobie, I'm cold.

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