Monday, August 17, 2009

Kid Bits: The Bridges Are Out

In a moment of maternal madness, I decided to take my 6 year old and his 7 year old friend to Idlewild. it's a mecca for clean family fun in our area.

Here's a few kid bits from their conversation from their booster seats in the back. Every effort has been made to transcribe the conversation in its entirety and without exaggeration.

"Dude!" their standard greeting for one another, "I have a whole castle in my basement."

"Dude, I like legos too!"

"Dude, I mean a real castle with a moat and some swords!"

(! points are added to indicate this is all said at the top of their lungs. Apparently at ages 6 and 7 they can't hear unless shouting. A fact which nearly caused me to cry on the way to/from the park. I actually considered pulling over and getting out just for a moment of peace.)

"Dude, when I get big I am going to drive a tractor trailer around the world!"

"Dude, then you better get ready to get wet."

"Why? I'll just drive my ginormous tractor trailer all around the earf."

"Dude, you will get to Hawaii then-SPLASH!"

"Dude, why?"

"Because, dude, the bridges are out."


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