Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Politics of Kindergarten Valentines

"Which Valentine do you want to give Ally?"

"I want to give her Megatron." (for the un-childrened, Megatron is the uber-villain, bad Transformer)

"But he's not very nice."

"Ally always gives me 'mean-face'. I want to give her a Megatron valentimes card."

And thus I was initiated into the politics of kindergarten Valen-times (Ian's wording).

If you are nice, you get the nice robot valentimes card. If you aren't, and you know who you are, you get the mean ones who kill people in the blockbuster movie.

I had no idea of the complicated interpersonal relationships going on in Mrs. Regan's kindergarten class. For example, I didn't know that no matter what my Ian does that Ally always gives him mean face. A fact which completely baffles him.

I also have no idea where the rest of his valentimes went. Only his 'buddies' made it home in his heart adorned goodie bag. Everyone else was just tossed aside in the chaos I am sure is the back of his desk. After all, Reilly 'finks' Ian hurted him at recess and he didn't...really, Mommy.

I don't remember if relationships were this complicated when I was in kindergarten. If so, I remained blissfully unaware as I ate the paste. Now, it's a little like Survivor. Hopefully my Ian doesn't get voted off the playground!

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