Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Little Bits

I thought this conversation wasn't supposed to happen until adolescence. However, here are two conversations we have had with our five year old recently.

"Daddy, you don't have to come into the party with me. I don't want you to come in."

So, he spent 2 hours, sacrificing the first quarter of the Stiller game so that our little guy could party Burger King style.

"Mommy, I am closing the door so you can't see my pee pee." 'Nuff said.

My father and husband are addicted to fires. They burn anything and everything not tied down. For a holiday surprise I am looking for 'flame' related gear.

This search took me to an Outdoor Sporting Goods store. At the door is a sign stating that all weapons and bows would have to be discharged prior to entering the store. My question, so it can be loaded and ready in the parking lot? Oy.

Is it wrong to think monkey butt powder is a hilarious purchase from the aforementioned store?

The baby grabs anything within reach. When there is no adult present, he seems to grow 4 inches and grabs things we deemed impossible. His grabbing proficiency is demonstrated with messy and funny proportions.

-grabbbed steak knife off table and ran out of the room giggling as he headed towards the dog
-grabbed a coffee cup and proceeded to shlep out half the contents, was unable to take a nap later
-grabbed spaghetti spoon from the MIDDLE of the dining room table, rubbed it across the carpet, the wall and then waved it to me at the top of the stairs
-grabbed ladle covered and filled with tomato sauce and rubbed in hair and across eyes (getting mad when it began to sting)
-grabbed dog by the neck and lifted him from Pappy's lap

I see him as a menace. My husband sees him as a future offensive lineman for the Steelers.

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