Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Movement: Back In The Saddle

I like to work. I like to get a paycheck. I like to talk to and interact with people of whose butts I do not have to wipe and whose mouths I do not have to feed. I like to work.

I also really like being with my little guys. I like knowing where everything is. I like having that Mommy sense to know what the baby is crying for even if he doesn't. I like being able to clean an entire house AND play with the kids at the same time.

Tomorrow I am back in the saddle of work again. My time will no longer be exclusively my own. I will be accountable to yet another set of humans.

I am excited to start a new career I know is only the beginning of my next professional life. I look forward to building someone else's business so eventually I can build my own. I am so blessed to be given the opportunity to work from home and own my own schedule. I am ready.

I am also sad to miss the morning cartoon battle with my five year old. If someone mentions they are hungry at my morning meeting I will have to fight the urge to search out some fruit snacks from my purse. I'll call home at least once and not speak to anyone (my husband is mystified at how to multi-task with the kids present---you mean you can talk on the phone, feed a baby AND make mac-n-cheese? Naw.)

With my first son I went back to working 50-60 hour weeks when he was just 10 weeks old. I cried as I pumped. I was depressed. At the time there were no other financial options. I made the best of it. I was heartbroken.

With my second son, I have spent the majority of his first year of life with him. He was in care, but only for about 24 hours a week (!!!!!!!) and not until he was close to 6 months. While there were still no other financial options, there were work schedule options.

Now their father is at home (for now), I define my own schedule. I work for a man who coaches little league and wants some of my time to be devoted to finding resources for the school his (and now my) children attend.

I am ready to be back in the saddle. I will be more than ready to get out as soon as I can tomorrow. I'll be ready to play baseball in the back yard with my little A-Rod and have the back of my calves munched on by the baby as he struggles to teeth and pull himself up.

I'll be ready to work the second shift of my day. The Mommy shift. Only now I don't want to ever punch out as I am discovering how amazing it is to punch in.

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