Monday, March 24, 2008

Declaration of Independence

As a Conservative I wanted to take a moment to declare my independence. (For clarity sake, by Conservative I mean a woman who votes based on the following criteria-what would Jesus do?)

Okay, don't be scared. It isn't exactly what Jesus would do, after all, He never had to wrestle with the immigration debate.

For final clarification, conservative is exactly that-I want things to be arranged in my public life to conserve my individual rights to the fullest. That means: small public government interference with my private pursuit of life, liberty, happiness, business and I want a BIG military to conserve-well, my life.

I declare my independence from-

-a media which fails to understand conservatives at every turn; either exploiting the more sensationalistic fringe or pandering to the lowest common denominator.

-an education system which seeks to indoctrinate me and my children with the cause du jour; global warming will soon turn into a debate about global cooling all of which have at its heart the idea that man is in control of the Universe-we caused it so we can fix it. I beg to differ, there is a control of the Universe and it ain't Al Gore.

-a political party that pretends to agree and fight for conservative first principles, ironically at election time, only to abandon these principles in the quest to maintain complete power.

-'women's television' focusing on affairs, shopping and the latest high heeled shoes.

-misogynistic radio and television 'news' and 'talk' shows completely overlooking a truly balanced perspective unless that balance involves body language with a hot blonde.

-from churches taking money instead of taking on demons; seeking first the kingdom of television and political influence so that all would be added to their bank accounts.

I declare my independence.

I declare, I feel freer already!

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